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The future of education is here, and sometimes it’s challenging.

Curated in collaboration with ISTE, these resources and tools help deepen your understanding of the impact of ChatGPT and of AI-powered resources overall on teaching and learning.


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Online Course from ISTE U

Build your knowledge with ISTE-U’s AI course, Artificial Intelligence Explorations for Educators.

In this 15-hour self-paced course you will:

  • Learn to identify the various types of AI
  • Grow your knowledge about the future of AI
  • Build tools to make AI concrete and accessible for educators and students alike
  • Develop a project-based unit where students apply artificial intelligence to solve a real-world problem

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Register and earn credits toward your Graduate degree.

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Hear How Peers Approach AI & Chat GTP in Education

Learn how education experts and practitioners manage the complexities of AI-powered tools, like ChatGPT, in education.

ASCD Podcast: Asking the Big Questions About AI

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ASCD Podcast: What Educators Need to Know About ChatGPT

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ISTE Podcast: Better Representation in Artificial Intelligence Starts Early

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ISTE Podcast: Leading the Way: How Teachers and Students Are Reshaping Teaching and Learning with AI

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ISTE Podcast: Teaching Cross-discipline, Problem-solving: Why It Matters, How AI Makerspaces Can Help

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How Exploring AI With Students Can Reduce Stress and Open New Possibilities

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AI: Why Balancing Student Learning and Safety Starts With Conversations Like This

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Reduce Teachers’ Workload and Provide Essential Student Support

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Trusted AI Resources

Draw inspiration and ideas from ISTE and ASCD about using AI-powered tools in the classroom.

Journal of Research on Technology in Education

from ISTE


The Hands-On AI Projects for the Classroom

from ISTE and General Motors


ISTE Book  Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning

by Michelle Zimmerman


ASCD Book Increasing Engagement in Online Learning (Quick Reference Guide)

by Stephanie Smith Budhai, Laura McLaughlin


EdSurge Research Guide: AI is for Everyone, Everywhere

from EdSurge


ASCD Book EdTech Essentials: The Top 10 Technology Strategies for All Learning  Environments

by Monica Burns


Bringing AI to School: Tips for School Leaders (PDF)

from ISTE


Using AI Chatbots to Enhance Planning and Instruction (Quick Reference Guide)

by Monica Burns


Dive deeper into AI and learn how to navigate ChatGPT in schools with more from ISTE.

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Prepare for the Future

Equip your students for a world with increased human-computer interaction. Work with our team of emerging leaders ready to help you develop a plan for integrating AI resources and ChatGPT that is right for your school or district.

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